Raiford Guins & The History of Games - Episode 8

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Representation, Hoyuk, and Procedural Generation - Episode 7

The Archaeogamers are back!

The hosts discuss representation of archaeology in games; review the Hoyuk board game; and explain and discuss "procedural generation" and how it relates to archaeogaming and the user experience.



Meghan Dennis
Twitter: @GingeryGamer

Tara Copplestone
Twitter: @gamingarchaeo

Andrew Reinhard
Twitter: @adreinhard

Official Hashtag #archaeogaming

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Making a Game Out of It: Gamification and Ethical Issues - Episode 6

On today's episode, the recent release of GlobalXplorer, a project to combat looting and archaeological site destruction, prompts a discussion on the ethics of gamification for archaeological researchers. The panel talks about ethics as they apply in digital archaeology and the archaeology of video-games.

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Communicating ArchaeoGaming in a 2D System - Episode 4

The panel discusses new and inventive ways to communicate their work in ArchaeoGaming. What's the best way to present data about gaming? Maybe write your own game? Create a video? Podcast about it? And is Academia ready for a shift away from traditional ink and paper forms of presentation and how can we help it along?


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