Go AFAR! - Go Dig a Hole Ep7

Andee and Christopher are joined by Mat Saunders, director of American Foreign Academic Research (AFAR), and four veteran students of the program's field school in Belize. These students - Alex Jameson, Austin Noe, Jordan Reese, and Jack Strachan - are graduating high school seniors with their pick of any college they apply to. What's their competitive advantage? They've gotten the most of their field school experience, and taken their research to professional conferences all over the world. These young stars have some great messages for scholars at any experience level, so hear it in their own words.


  • Mat Saunders, director AFAR
  • Alex Jameson, Davidson Day School
  • Austin Noe, Davidson Day School
  • Jordan Reese, Davidson Day School
  • Jack Strachan, Davidson Day School

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This new podcast series is a dynamic companion to the Go Dig a Hole blog, particularly the Undergrad Guides series.


Andee Zorn
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Christopher Sims
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