Augmented and Virtual Reality - ArchaeoTech Ep17


Steve Fowler, of the mobile and wearable technology development firm, Interapt, chats with Chris and Chris about augmented and virtual reality technologies, and what they mean for the future of archaeology. Steve breaks down the difference between augmented and virtual reality, and lays out the status of front-running products in these technologies. We talk about the current state of technology in the sciences, and where we see these products steering the ways in which fieldwork is conducted and presented.

Some of the questions we explore in this episode:

  • How can visualization technology improve fieldwork?
  • How can these technologies improve outreach and engagement?
  • How can technology add value to archaeology, and increase return on investment for stakeholders (taxpayers and clients)?

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Chris Webster - @archeowebby

Chris Sims - @godigahole

Steve Fowler - @sfowlermobile


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