The Girl with the Space Unicorn Tattoo - GDAH 23

Penny Foreman joins the show to talk about her survey she recently presented at the CAA meeting, an the resulting Code of Conduct. She blogged about it, and her conference attire that sparked some (uncalled for) outrage, and a hearty Twitter conversation erupted.

More guests later join the show, live from the SAA meeting, to follow-up on Foreman's comments. These guests - Ruth Tringham (OG Trowel Blazer, and pioneer of feminist archaeology!), Chelsi Slotten (host of Women in Archaeology podcast, and researcher at American University/Smithsonian Museum), Kirsten Lopez (researcher at Oregon State University, and host of Women in Archaeology podcast), and Stephen Wagner (host of CRM Archaeology podcast, and heritage consultant in Calgary) - weigh in with some valuable perspectives.

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