A Body Stamp from Nisibon - HOTC 12

When this discussion was recorded Angus was feeling pretty hungry. Just the time for Alice to present some roundish, brownish, nicely decorated objects to him that she found at a site near Nisíbon (Dominican Republic). Naturally Angus thoughts these things look like cookies or like baking moulds. Of course they are not! Yet these objects may not be a feast for the stomach, they would have given you a feast for the eyes as they were likely used for body or cloth decoration. In other words, these objects prove that those silly 16th century Spaniards were quite wrong when they described the indigenous people as going about naked. Would you like to know more colourful facts about them? Get ready as we stamp out Angus’s and the Spanish silly beliefs about these enigmatic clay objects in this all new episode!

Head over to the website for this show to see images related to the conversation: http://www.shoresoftime.com/portfolios/episode-12-a-body-stamp/

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