Taguabo and Maicabo - History of the Caribbean 9

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Show Notes

Two objects for the price of one this episode! We talk with Dr. Jorge Ulloa about two figurines from Avilla (HolguĂ­n Cuba). They were found exactly one year apart in the same cave by the same man, Alejandro Reyes Atencio, after his mother. One is called Taguabo, the other Maicabo. Want to find out why these objects that look so different still belong together? Want to know more about some of Cuba’s syncretic religious traditions and how Amerindian objects figure into this? Want to find out how you can make it rain or shine on command? Listen to this episode of A History of the Caribbean in 100 Objects!

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Acknowledgements: This podcast was made possible thanks to financial support by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Alice is employed by University of Leicester’s School of Ancient History and Archaeology and Angus works at Stanford University’s Archaeology Center. Jorge Ulloa Hung is a researcher at the Museo del Hombre DominicanoLeiden University and a professor at INTEC.

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