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Conferences 063 - CIFA2018 - Tariq Mian

Another interview with great insight into the archaeology sector in the UK. Towergate Insurance has been providing its services to archaeologists for over 20 years and they have gained a great understanding of archaeologists and the industry as a whole.




Towergate Insurance

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Sonia Hutmacher - Ep27 Profiles

Profiles in CRM features short interviews with CRM professionals from all experience levels and educational levels. I ask a standard list of questions and see how each person answers them based on their experience.

The Questions

  • What is your name and who do you work for? (this question is omitted for those that wish to be anonymous)
  • How long have you been working in CRM?
  • What is the position you usually have in CRM and what is the highest position you've attained?
  • Where have you worked?
  • What is the best thing that's happened to you that's related to being a CRM Archaeologist?
  • What is the biggest thing you would change that would make being a CRM professional better?
  • What is your career goal in CRM?
  • If you could give an undergrad thinking about CRM one piece of advice, what would it be?
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Tech Business Tips - ArchaeoTech Ep9

On today’s episode, Doug and Russell interview Chris Cameron, founder of Field Technologies, Inc. about his app business and running businesses while on the road as a traveling archaeologist. There is a MBA’s worth of advice in this episode and it can be helpful no matter what you’re planning to do, or are doing, with your life.


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CRM Firm Owner Chandler Herson - Episode 55

Today we interview new CRM Firm Owner Chandler Herson. Chandler started his firm last year and has some great advice for those that want to do the same or have considered doing it. There are some great lessons in here and even if you're not thinking of starting your own firm, it's good to have the big picture sometimes.

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