Bears Ears Rock Art with Vaughn Hadenfelt - ArchyFantasies 93

History and Archaeology Minus The Conspiracy Theories

Today we talk Vaughn Hadenfelt of Friends of Friends of Ceder Mesa. With 30 years of experience as a guide and interpreter in Bears Ears National Monument, he comes on to talk to us about Rock Art. What is it? How do we date it? Can we read it like a book? He also gives us an update on the Status of Bears Ears. 

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Mashantucket Pequot - Heritage Voices 12

Heritage Voices-1 2017.jpg

On today’s episode, we host Marissa Turnbull and Michael Johnson, THPO and Deputy THPO of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation in Connecticut. Michael Johnson is also co-host of the Native Opinion Podcast. On this episode they talk about how their tribe went from very early colonization to only few families living on their state reservation in the 1970s to federal recognition and then to economic success that led to them being seen as a casino rather than a people. The Nation has found themselves in the middle of the debate on who is “a real Indian”. In 1993 Donald Trump argued before Congress that the Mashantucket Pequots should not have been given federal recognition and been able to become a gaming tribe because “they don’t look Indian”. We talk about what that’s been like for them as a tribe, but also how they would define their own narrative and the importance of education in doing that. Along those lines we talk about their history, their gardening and cultural education programs, and what they would like to achieve as a THPO, including seeking international repatriation of a wampum belt. 



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Ancient Politics in the Present - GDAH 25

Maxime Lamoureux-St. Hilaire (PhD candidate, Tulane) joins this episode of the Go Dig a Hole podcast to share lessons from the ancient Maya. He introduces a "pragmatic" model of governance - both in physical and symbolic structures. This topical and timely discussion of politics on a macro scale bears haunting echoes of present situations in the global sociopolitical sphere. In many ways, human civilization hasn't really come that far...

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"Recession-Proof" - GDAH 15

Emily Long, of the Women in Archaeology and Trowel Tales podcasts, and Chris Webster, founder of Archaeology Podcast Network and co-host on The Archaeology Show, CRM Archaeology, and ArchaeoTech podcasts, join this episode to talk about how to weather a potential recession in archaeology.

We briefly touch on why CRM and academic archaeologists are worried about the future of the field, and talk about ways to weather a Trump-induced meltdown of federal infrastructure spending and all the support industries (like archaeology and environmental assessment).


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Environmental Policy in the Age of Trump - CRMArch 99

On today's episode we bring on Tom King, Colorado SHPO Holly Norton, and guest host Michael Ashley of Codifi to talk about the likely changes to environmental policy in the Trump Administration. It's an interesting and terrifying conversation and we welcome comment.


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ACRA - The CRM Industry in the Age of Trump Webinar - Discussion - CRMArch 98.1

The Center for Digital Archaeology held an office hours session following the video that ACRA posted regarding their position on environmental regulation in the Trump Administration. The office hours was open to anyone and was a great discussion. Below are a few links from the recording, including a Google Doc from the recording.


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