Exploring the 1940s Defenses of Reighton Sands and Filey Bay - Arch&Ale 20

Archaeology and Ale is a monthly series of talks presented by Archaeology in the City, part of the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department’s outreach programme.

Archaeology and Ale proudly presents - Chris Kolonko and his talk “Exploring the 1940s defences of Reighton Sands and Filey Bay”. This talk was held on Thursday 30th of March, upstairs at the Red Deer Pub in Sheffield.

Chris is a freelance archaeologist with over 10 years’ experience of researching, recording and interpreting 20th century military sites in the UK.
His main areas of expertise include the defensive landscape and military structures of 1940s Britain and the First World War practice trench systems used to prepare soldiers for the Western Front.
For more information check out his blog at

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The Gundestrup Cauldron - Arch365 148

The Gundestrup Cauldron was discovered on May 28th 1891. It is a masterpiece of either Gaulish or Thracian manufacture but it ended up in Denmark. It's said to be Celtic in iconography but the clothes are all wrong. It is certainly mysterious. Hear more about it in today's episode of Arch365.


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John Lubbock - Arch365 120

On John Lubbock, 1st Baron Avebury's birthday, we look at how he capitalized on his privileged status and his legacy in British and European archaeology. Not only did he coin the terms palaeolithic and neolithic, but he also introduced the first legislation protecting archaeological sites in Britain.



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Rothwell Charnel Chapel - Arch and Ale 17

The Archaeology and Ale podcast returns from a hiatus with a chat about the Rothwell Charnel Chapel in the Holy Trinity Church in Northamptonshire - one of only two surviving charnel chapels (bone crypts) in England after many throughout the country were destroyed by religious decree.


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Michael Tomiak - Profiles 48

Profiles in CRM features short interviews with CRM professionals from all experience levels and educational levels. I ask a standard list of questions and see how each person answers them based on their experience.

The Questions

  • What is your name and who do you work for? (this question is omitted for those that wish to be anonymous)
  • What's the highest degree you've earned?
  • How long have you been working in CRM?
  • Where have you worked?
  • What is the position you usually have in CRM and what is the highest position you've attained?
  • What is the best thing that's happened to you that's related to being a CRM Archaeologist?
  • What is the biggest thing you would change that would make being a CRM professional better?
  • What is your career goal in CRM?
  • If you could give an undergrad thinking about CRM one piece of advice, what would it be?
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Chartered Institute for Archaeologists Discussion - Episode 49.1

Artwork by Tristan Boyle (c)2014

Artwork by Tristan Boyle (c)2014

This is a special presentation of recordings made by Doug Rocks-MacQueen.

On December 9th, 2014 The Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) was launched:

A plenary session was held involving several talks by archaeologists which can be viewed here: 

After these talks the floor was opened up to discussion and this is the audio of that conversation.

Thanks for listening and we'll see you in the field!!

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