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This is the final episode of 2017! It's been a long, difficult year but we did it! Thanks to all the people that helped make this happen. They're mentioned in the show. We're continuing this through 2018 with a new team of volunteers! Stay subscribed to get the new episodes. We're starting the numbering over at 1 with a numbering scheme of 18001. That's the year first, then, the episode number.

Thanks for listening and we'll see you in 2018 with more great archaeology daily bites!

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Etzanoa: Changing North American Archaeology - Arch365 096

Dr. Don Blakeslee (Wichita State University) joins Chris Sims at the APN booth during SAA2017 to talk about his work at Etzanoa, a site in Southern Kansas that's changing what we know about North American archaeology.


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