AAA Takeaways - WIA 41

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On this episode the panel discusses the recent American Anthropological Association annual meeting in DC. We touch on important themes from the conference such as making anthropology more approachable, the need for truly inclusive archaeology, and teaching archaeology as social justice.


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The Anarchaeologist Speaks : Cannibalism, Picts and Online resources

Hello everyone, apologies for last week's no show - this week I'll bring an extra  special The Anarchaeologist Speaks - which it seems is becoming a more regular feature, especially for those who like me talking for around 15 minutes

Archaeotech Live

Cannibalism in Gough's Cave -

Pictish Fort in North East Scotland -

 Roman Burial Online resource -


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Toby Kendall of the YAT - Arch&Ale Ep 2

Hello, welcome to this month's Show Notes for the Archaeology and Ale Podcast.

This month we have a short interview with Toby Kendall of the York Archaeological Trust (YAT). We couldn't record his whole talk, “Hungate: What Next?” because most of it was awaiting publication in an upcoming monograph from the Trust. However Toby let me catch him for a brief interview to introduce the Trust, their training excavation programme called Archaeology Live, and to give a rundown of the last 15 years of digging at the Hungate site in York as well as what they plan to do next.

If you are interested in learning more about YAT or joining in with Archaeology Live, visit their website at to find out more.

The Archaeology and Ale podcast now has its own web page, part of the new Archaeology in the City website! Visit us at or (if that link doesn't work, as there are still a few bugs in the system) just find Archaeology in the City on Facebook and follow the link from there. You can follow us on twitter with the tags #ArchInTheCity or #AitC. 

If the questions I asked Toby sounded familiar, it's because they're inspired by the Profiles in CRM podcast also on the Archaeology Podcast Network. Do check it out, and the other great shows on the Network, as they're all well worth a listen.

Thanks for listening – we'll be back next month!

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Excavations at the Roman Temple Area of Diana Umbronensis at Scoglietto - Arch and Ale Episode 1

Welcome to the Show Notes!

Welcome to the first episode of Archaeology and Ale. The Archaeology and Ale podcast presents a free monthly series of lectures on all aspects of archaeology (not just the academic stuff).

These lectures are part of the Archaeology in the City program, a series of talks, events and activities held by the University of Sheffield. The Archaeology in the city program aims to bring archaeology to the public of the city of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Now, thanks to the good folks of the Archaeology Podcast Network, we can also bring archaeology to listeners around the world.

The Archaeology and Ale talks are hosted at the Red Deer pub on Pitt Street in Sheffield ( ). The Deer has long been the archaeology department’s unofficial extra lecture theatre so it was the natural venue for our talks programme. 

As this talk is recorded in a small room over the bar of a very popular local pub, it’s going to have a bit of background noise! 

This month, our speaker is Dr Alessandro Sebastiani ( ) of the University of Sheffield, speaking about: "Excavations at the Roman Temple Area of Diana Umbronensis at Scoglietto. 2009-2011”           

Now here’s the legal stuff: Please note that the content of this recording is  © Dr Alessandro Sebastiani2015 and the recording is © The University of Sheffield 2015. 

The first volume of the research at Scoglietto is available here:   

We’re still getting our social media presence sorted out, so watch this space next month for a link to our Archaeology in the City web page and social media accounts. 

Thank you again to the Archaeology Podcast Network for hosting our Archaeology and Ale talks. We hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear from you! Email: 

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Open Context and Data Sharing with the Kansas - Episode 6

Russell and Doug chat with Eric Kansa and Sarah Whitcher Kansa, the husband and wife archaeologist team behind the data publication tool "OpenContext" about data sharing in archaeology, the culture of archaeologists, White House awards, and more!


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