The Earliest North Americans with Dr. David Kilby - TAS 50

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The people known to archaeologists as "Clovis" were widely thought to be the first people to migrate to North America. Where did they come from and how did they get here? Also, when did they get here? These questions remain unanswered in North American Prehistory but we're getting a lot closer. Dr. David Kilby joins us to talk theories and some of the latest evidence.

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OAS (November 2016) Pat O'Grady & Rimrock Draw - Conferences 0047

The Rimrock Draw site in southeastern Oregon is changing what archaeologists know about the first people to live in Oregon. It presents some unique challenges and opportunities, and ongoing research has been made possible through public support from OAS.


Christopher Sims (host)

Pat O'Grady, PhD (University of Oregon)
Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project (U. Oregon field school)

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Summer Digs and Indiana Mummies - Archy Fantasies 15

Today we catch up with Ken on his summer dig and talk about Mummies and actual archaeological controversies. Did Indiana just discover a mummy, or is it more media hype than truth? Also, were the Clovis actually here first, or was there someone else her before them? All this on episode 15 of the Archaeological Fantasies Podcast.


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