GIS Apps - ArchaeoTech Ep18

On today's episode, Chris and I try to find, and fail, a GIS app for mobile that actually does what we want it to do. If you know if a GIS app that does what we want it to do, let us know!


Contact the Hosts:

Chris Webster - @archeowebby

Chris Sims - @godigahole

Steve Fowler - @sfowlermobile

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FAIMS - ArchaeoTech Episode 7

Russell talks with Brian Ballsun-Stanton, the technical manager and data architect for the Federated Archaeology Information Management System (FAIMS), an integrated digital archaeology capture, management, analysis, archival, and publishing initiative in Australia. They discuss relational (and non-relational databases), the culture of archaeologists, mobile development, philosophy, and why archaeologists often choose to play Rogues...

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