Skara Brae- Arch365 18014

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Sometimes storms cause nothing but destruction but sometimes they reveal secrets of our past. This is the case of Skara Brae, a Neolithic settlement on the Island of Mainland, part of the Orkney archipelago, North of Scotland.


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The Undreamed Shores by Mark Patton - Prehis/stories - Episode 13

I talk to the archaeologist/author Mark Patton about his first book, The Undreamed Shores, which is set at the end of the Neolithic in the Channel Islands and Wiltshire.



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Whitestone Stories by John R Barrett - Prehistories 11

A first for this podcast is to have the author of the book on to talk about it, so we welcome John R Barrett to Prehi/stories, and Brian Wilkinson, a community archaeologist from Scotland where the book is based. The Whitestone Stories is a children's book but well worth the read for children of any age.


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