What's Happening at Sheffield Manor Lodge and Joined Up Heritage Sheffield - Arch&Ale 21

Archaeology and Ale is a monthly series of talks presented by Archaeology in the City, part of the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department’s outreach programme.

Archaeology and Ale proudly presents - Jon Bradley, on “Making a difference for heritage: What’s happening at Sheffield Manor Lodge and Joined-Up Heritage Sheffield”. This talk took place on Thursday 27th April at the Red Deer, Sheffield.

For more information about the Sheffield Manor Lodge, visit their website: or Facebook:

For more information about Joined-up Heritage Sheffield, visit their website: 

For more information about Archaeology in the City’s events and opportunities to get involved, please email, visit our website at, tweet us @archinthecity, or find us on Facebook

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Rothwell Charnel Chapel - Arch and Ale 17

The Archaeology and Ale podcast returns from a hiatus with a chat about the Rothwell Charnel Chapel in the Holy Trinity Church in Northamptonshire - one of only two surviving charnel chapels (bone crypts) in England after many throughout the country were destroyed by religious decree.


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Wardsend Cemetery Project - ArchandAle Ep11


Hello everyone, welcome to the Archaeology and Ale podcast.

For those of you new to our podcast, Archaeology and Ale is a free monthly talk held upstairs at the Red Deer pub on Pitt Street in Sheffield, provided by the Archaeology in the City outreach programme from the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department. 

This month we are presenting the results of a collaboration between Sheffield University archaeology students and an existing local heritage project at Wardsend Cemetery in Sheffield.

Our speakers, in order, are Chris Scott of the University of Sheffield, George Proctor and Howard Bayley of the Friends of Wardsend Cemetery and the Livesey Street Project, and Tom Maltas, again from the University of Sheffield.

Find out more about the Wardsend Cemetery Project at:

Thanks for listening!

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Arts & Crafts Special: Catherine Nutgen - Arch&Ale Ep10

Hello again from Archaeology in the City. We’ve had a very busy summer of fieldwork here at the University of Sheffield but now that the nights are drawing in we’re very happy to settle in for a pint upstairs at our local pub, for the Archaeology and Ale talks series.

Welcome back to the Archaeology and Ale podcast, the free monthly pub archaeology talk of the University of Sheffield’s Archaeology in the City programme. 


New website: Please visit and update your bookmarks to keep up to date with all of our upcoming monthly talks and free archaeology activities in and around Sheffield. The Google Sites page will no longer be updated.

Speaker details: 

Catherine Nutgen is joining us in an Arts and Crafts special:  “Through the Woods and Under the Earth. Practical and fun ways of helping people understand Sheffield’s landscape Heritage”

You can find more about this project on Facebook ( and through their blog (

Remember: Our podcast is recorded upstairs in the popular local pub, the Red Deer, on Pitt Street in Sheffield. Some background noise and general kerfuffle is unavoidable - my apologies for the variable sound quality. 


Thank you for listening! Please get in touch through or website, Facebook or twitter accounts - we’d love to hear what some of our international listeners think of the Archaeology and Ale podcast!

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Excavations at the Roman Temple Area of Diana Umbronensis at Scoglietto - Arch and Ale Episode 1

Welcome to the Show Notes!

Welcome to the first episode of Archaeology and Ale. The Archaeology and Ale podcast presents a free monthly series of lectures on all aspects of archaeology (not just the academic stuff).

These lectures are part of the Archaeology in the City program, a series of talks, events and activities held by the University of Sheffield. The Archaeology in the city program aims to bring archaeology to the public of the city of Sheffield, in South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom. Now, thanks to the good folks of the Archaeology Podcast Network, we can also bring archaeology to listeners around the world.

The Archaeology and Ale talks are hosted at the Red Deer pub on Pitt Street in Sheffield ( ). The Deer has long been the archaeology department’s unofficial extra lecture theatre so it was the natural venue for our talks programme. 

As this talk is recorded in a small room over the bar of a very popular local pub, it’s going to have a bit of background noise! 

This month, our speaker is Dr Alessandro Sebastiani ( ) of the University of Sheffield, speaking about: "Excavations at the Roman Temple Area of Diana Umbronensis at Scoglietto. 2009-2011”           

Now here’s the legal stuff: Please note that the content of this recording is  © Dr Alessandro Sebastiani2015 and the recording is © The University of Sheffield 2015. 

The first volume of the research at Scoglietto is available here:   

We’re still getting our social media presence sorted out, so watch this space next month for a link to our Archaeology in the City web page and social media accounts. 

Thank you again to the Archaeology Podcast Network for hosting our Archaeology and Ale talks. We hope you enjoyed it and would love to hear from you! Email: 

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