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The Dirt on Field Schools and Finding a Job - CRMarch 131

Archaeology Careers and Jobs

Spring is around the corner, which means the start of another field season. What advice can our panelist give about choosing a field school? What experience can a recent graduate bring to the table that will jumpstart their archaeology career? Listen and find out. For the seasoned field tech, the panel offers up ways to brush up your resume and freshen up your on-line presence for potential employers. 

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Marketing Yourself - WIA 38

WIA-1 2017.jpg

On this episode of the Women in Archaeology Podcast we will be discussing how to market yourself. We will discuss internet presence, using in person networking to your best advantage, and the importance of showing up!


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Archaeological Analytics with Acacia Berry - ArchaeoTech 59

On today's show we talk to the creator and founder of Archaeological Analytics, Acacia Berry. Find out what she's doing with this company and how they can help you in your business. Learn about Archaeo Analytics, Open Artifact, and American Artifacts - all sites developed by Berry to help out the field of archaeology - both academic and commercial.


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Curiosity in Focus - GDAH 24

Daniel Kwan, host of the Curiosity in Focus podcast, joins Chris in Vancouver to talk about his show, why podcasting and social media are important, and how your interests outside archaeology can make you a better archaeologist.

Oh, and here's the Throwback Thursday photo of Chris in that moment he decided to be an archaeologist (a decade ago):


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Social Media and Rich Grove on A-Levels - CRM Arch - Episode 97

The crew is joined by Rich Grove, a professor in the UK, who explains what A-Levels are (for those of us in the States) and why cutting the archaeology A-Levels is raising such a stink across the pond.

We also talk about social media policies for employers, why they matter, and issues surrounding sharing archaeology online.


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Nicole Giglio - Social Media Management and App-Assisted Museum Exhibits - Episode 12

Today on the show, Russell speaks with Nicole Giglio, an Independent Contractor who specializes in Digital Content Development about her work managing social media channels for cultural heritage organizations and in designing a mobile app-assisted exhibit for the San Diego Museum of Man.

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