Conferences 062 - CIFA2018 - Rob Lennox

Rob Lennox is the policy advisor to the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA) and in this interview we discuss the challenges for archaeology as a profession and the ways in which conferences such as CIFA held in Brighton this year can bring people inside and outside the industry together to work together. 

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A Chat With British Archaeologist Sir Barry Cunliffe - TAS 26

TAS-1 2017.jpg

Today we talk to Sir Barry Cunliffe, a British archaeologist and Oxford University professor. Sir Barry has worked all over the UK and Europe, written many books, and influenced British archaeology. This is an awesome chat about his career and directions in British archaeology.

Oxford University Press is offering a 30% discount on On the Ocean Pre-Orders and some of Barry's other books. Use the code at checkout: AAFLYG6

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Archer, Journey to Stonehenge - Prehistories 19

Jane Brayne has written and illustrated a comic strip style picture book on the journey of the Amesbury Archer, and kindly appears as a guest on the podcast to talk about it. The original excavator of the early Bronze Age burial the book is inspired by, Andrew Fitzpatrick, also talks about the background evidence for the book.


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Sheffield Castle - ArchandAle Ep 12

Hello everyone, welcome to the first Archaeology and Ale podcast of 2016.

For those of you new to our podcast, Archaeology and Ale is a free monthly talk held upstairs at the Red Deer pub on Pitt Street in Sheffield. It’s arranged by the Archaeology in the City outreach programme from the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department. The Red Deer is a very popular pub so there is always going to be some background noise in our recordings.

In this episode, our guest speaker Glyn Davies shares his experiences digging at Sheffield Castle and what he hopes could be discovered in future excavations. 

Find out more about the Friends of Sheffield Castle at their website at 

Thanks for listening!

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Jo Ahmet - Episode 12

Profiles in CRM features short interviews with CRM professionals from all experience levels and educational levels. I ask a standard list of questions and see how each person answers them based on their experience.

The Questions

  • What is your name and who do you work for? (this question is omitted for those that wish to be anonymous)
  • How long have you been working in CRM?
  • What is the position you usually have in CRM and what is the highest position you've attained?
  • Where have you worked?
  • What is the best thing that's happened to you that's related to being a CRM Archaeologist?
  • What is the biggest thing you would change that would make being a CRM professional better?
  • What is your career goal in CRM?
  • If you could give an undergrad thinking about CRM one piece of advice, what would it be?
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