Witchcraft: The Best Bits - Arch and Ale 23

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Archaeology and Ale is a monthly series of talks presented by Archaeology in the City, part of the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department’s outreach programme.

Archaeology and Ale proudly presents - Leigh-Anne Baldrige on ‘Witchcraft: the best bits’. This talk took place on Thursday 22nd November at the Red Deer, Sheffield.

Leigh-Anne is the Collections Access Curator at Museums Sheffield, and can be found on Twitter at @LeighKitty1.

For more information about Museums Sheffield, visit their website at http://www.museums-sheffield.org.uk/

For more information about Archaeology in the City’s events and opportunities to get involved, please email archaeologyinthecity@sheffield.ac.uk, visit our website at archinthecity.wordpress.com, tweet us @archinthecity, or find us on Facebook. 

Content Warning: Listener discretion is advised, as there is adult language and themes. Thank you.

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Margaret Murray, Witchcraft and Murder - Archy Fantasies 58

Today we talk about murder most fowl and about Margaret Murray's investigations into what she thought might be motive by witchcraft. We talk about Murray's research into witch cults and how that research influenced what we know as modern Wicca practices. 


Corrections First:

  • It's not King Phillips War (that's earlier) it was King Williams War that is believed to have kicked off Salem. That idea is outlined in the book In The Devil's Snare, which I have linked below
  • The bad journalist was not Robert McCormick, it was Donald McCormick, link below

Now Notes!


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