Arch365 Creators Guidlines

First, THANK YOU for writing a script for, or, recording an episode of Arch 365. Below are the three ways you can help.

write a script

Have something you want to talk about but don't want your voice online? No problem! We just need a script on a single topic. Talk through it and make sure it's less than 15 minutes long. Also, if warranted, we need references. This IS science, after all.

Send complete scripts and references to or share that address to a google doc.

record an episode - yourself

Do you have recording equipment? A mic, a computer, and some sort of software? Then you can record an episode yourself! Here is what we need:

  • 10s Introduction: "This is [Name] and today we're going to talk about [topic].
  • <15min body: A single topic that is less than 15 minutes.
  • Files in WAV or other lossless format
  • Submit to
    • Password: apnpodcasts

record an episode - APN records

Don't have the equipment to record? No problem! Just set up a Skype call with @archeoweby, @anarchaeologist, or @godigahole and we'll record for you.

We'll use the same parameters above, so, come prepared.

Thanks again for helping out with the Arch365 podcast!