Mermaids and Mummies - ArchyFantasies 82

Tech Without Internet - ArchaeoTech 62

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Every been out in the field and had NO cell service? Of course you have! Well, in a world where we are increasingly relying on technology and internet connectivity to do our jobs, what do we do when that connectivity isn't there? Go back to paper? No! There are other ways and all is not lost. 


Should All History be Saved? - WIA 33

Low Balling Bids, Good or Bad? - CRMArch 119

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Low balling is the practice of intentionally bidding low to win a project. It has a massive stigma in the CRM world, but, can it be used for good? Is it always a bad idea or are there times when low balling can be a sound, effective strategy? We dive into this topic on today's episode with business owner Sonia Hutmacher and long-time project manager, Bill White.

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Working with Museums Panel - Heritage Voices 9

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We are excited to share our first panel episode with you. In addition to being a panel episode, this episode is also a crossover episode with the Go Dig a Hole podcast. Today’s panel features indigenous archaeologists, cultural anthropologists, and even a THPO from the Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, and Plains tribes talking about their experiences working with museums. They talk about the major challenges they face with museums, including representation, repatriation, and past preservation techniques, as well as positive museum experiences and the directions they would like to see museums go in the future. Finally they give guidance on how museums and tribes can better work together in the future. 




On The Ocean with Sir Barry Cunliffe - TAS 24

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New from Oxford University Press - On the Ocean by Sir Barry Cunliffe. On the Ocean talks about seafaring vessels and the people that used them from prehistoric times through 1500 AD. It's a fantastic read shows the ingenuity of people across many cultures.

Oxford University Press is offering a 30% discount on On the Ocean Pre-Orders and some of Barry's other books. Use the code at checkout: AAFLYG6

Books by Sir Barry Cunliffe


New People and Old Apps - ArchaeoTech 61

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Introducing new co-host Dr. Paul Zimmerman! Paul has been working in IT for many years now, but, cut his teeth on archaeology on the other side of the world. He's a great addition to the show and we have a lot of great shows in the works.


App of the Day

  • Chris: Apple Maps (it's on your iPhone!)
  • Paul: Notability