CBC, The Solutrean Hypothesis, and Jennifer Raff - Episode 92

Dunhuang - Arch365 18038

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The ancient Chinese city of Dunhuang, located at a strategic crossroads of the ancient southern silk road, is famed for its art and archaeology relating to historical Buddhist worship.


Valsgarde - Arch365 18030

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The cemetery hill at Valsgärde, in use for five hundred years, provides an unparalleled insight into elite life and death in Sweden during the tail end of the Migration Period, through the Vendel Age, and into the Viking Age.


SHA Takeaways - WIA 43

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Several of us recently attended the Society for Historical Archaeology 2018 meeting in New Orleans. In this episode we'll talk about some of the great sessions we attended, tips and tricks for successfully networking, and some suggestions for being better conference presenters and attendees.



SHA2018 and Sustainable Preservation with the Society of Black Archaeologists - CRMarch 129

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The 2018 annual meeting of the Society for Historical Archaeology took place in New Orleans at the beginning of January. Bill White was there and he brings on two colleagues, Dr. Ayana Flewellen and Dr. Justin Dunnavant. They talk about their takeaways from the conference. Bill, Ayana, and Justin also talk about their work in St. Croix over the winter and about working in an area deeply affected by hurricanes and a lack of people to do preservation work. However, they mention that people on the island are working in their own communities to preserve their history.

We Are The Decay - Anarch 46

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Launching what he calls “The Archaeologist’s Manifesto” Tristan is back again (after another hiatus) and will be bringing a propaganda fuelled monthly podcast to your ears. Todays episode focuses on Decay and what that means in modern society – looking at how histories are treated and whether forgetting a history is as bad as damaging it for other ideological reasons. 
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Jason Lau

Chasing Earhart with Chris Williamson - TAS 34

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Chasing Earhart is an upcoming multi part documentary film series that will explore Amelia Earhart's life, times, family, friends, and all the lore and theories that have sprung up in the wake of her disappearance.


Site Recording, it's Not Just Physical Objects - ArchaeoTech 71

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There are other things you can record on a site besides artifacts and features. There's other visual ways to record, including photogrammetry, 360 videos, and imagery for augmented and virtual reality. You can also record sounds, scents, and even taste. Not sure what that would do for you, but, it's certainly an option.


Contact and Immigration In Archaeology - ArchyFantasies 91

Today we talk about cultures south of the US border. We talk about what we expect to see, and do see, when early European cultures come in contact with Native American cultures. We also talk about immigration and how we can track that with archaeology. 


National Monuments dedicated to immigration and the experience of immigrants and African captives:



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Tara Brooch - Arch365 18026