Standard Member

Thanks for considering supporting us as a standard member! This is the membership level that we expect most APN fans to join at. In addition to the supporting member perks you'll receive:

  • Supporting Member Perks
  • Members Only Slack Team
    • Slack is a team communication application that works on any device. There are channels on our team that represent each show on the APN. The show hosts are available in those channels to answer questions, keep the conversation going, and take show suggestions. Be a part of the team by being on our Slack team!
  • Show Stickers (5)
    • Get five (5) show stickers of your choice! Choose five of your favorite shows and we'll send you the stickers. Nice.
  • Future Store Discount - 15%
    • e currently have a store at the APN, however, it's tied to a print-on-demand T-shirt company. In a few months, we'll have our own stock of t-shirts and coffee mugs to start with more swag coming in the following months. Whatever we have, you'll always get 15% off!
  • Extended Interviews
    • Sometimes our interviews go long but we have to cut them off. Get the entire interview here! We'll be putting them either on this website or in the Slack channel for the show. Either way, we'll never have to cut off an interview again!
  • Bonus Content
    • From extra shows to out takes, we'll put all extras here.
  • Miscellaneous Audio
    • nything else we think you'll like will go to this membership level. Enjoy!