Professional Podcast Production

Want to start a podcast but have no idea how to start? Have some great content ideas but don't want to learn the editing and post-production? That's what we're here for!

Chris Webster. Founder of the Archaeology Podcast Network and Audio Engineer.

Chris Webster, founder of the Archaeology Podcast Network, chief content creator, and audio engineer, has been podcasting since 2011. He's produced 1000s of episodes across 19 different shows. From bad phone audio to shaky Skype connections, Chris has seen it all.

What can we provide?

  • Podcast Sound Engineering
    • We'll get on the call with you, soundcheck you and your guests for the best quality, record the interview, with backups, and ensure the best possible starting audio.
  • Podcast Editing
    • Want all your "ums" taken out? Have a guest that is always talking over your track? We can fix it all! Your podcast will have each person recorded on separate tracks so we can fine-tune the editing making your production as professional as your business.
  • Podcast Mastering and Post-Production
    • We'll make those final tweaks to your show so it sounds great on a home stereo, in the car, on your customer's earbuds, or on computer speakers.
    • In the post-production phase we'll add the necessary tags and meta-data to your show so everyone knows who it belongs to. We'll also export your show in whatever format you desire - from the basic MP3 file to high quality FLAC, AIFF, and other formats, we can give you what you need.


The cost of our services is $50 per hour with a 4:1 ratio. What that means is, if your produced show is 1 hour long, we'll charge a total of 4 hours for editing, mastering, and post-production. This price is negotiable depending on circumstances. For example, if you want to do a season of 10 episodes we can negotiate a price for the entire season.

Also - your first consultation and first episode are free (for a limited time)!

If you're ready to go, choose the option below. We'll do the first consultation and first episode. If you're not satisfied then you'll be refunded. Otherwise, you will be invoiced for the remaining shows. If you'd rather get an invoice than purchase through this website, email

Podcast Production and Editing
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