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Welcome to Watching Brief. A monthly show available via podcast and as topical segments via YouTube. As the name implies, each month my co-host Andy Brockman of the Pipeline (Where history is tomorrow's news) and I cast an eye over news stories, topical media and entertainment and discuss and debate what we find.


Link of the Month: Crochet’d Archaeology Artefacts! :



01:39 - Rare Roman Graffiti in cumbria quarry to be captured in 3D:


Stonehenge: Archaeologists discover long-lost tools used to build ancient monument:


12:12 - Head of 800-year-old mummy stolen from crypt of St. Michan’s church in Dublin:

Mummy body parts discovered in passenger’s luggage at cairo airport:

Stolen Mummy Feet, Arms and More Found Stashed in Speakers at Cairo Airport:

Cleethorpes teacher Gordon Taylor's Anglo-Saxon treasures to be sold:

25:21 - Historians fight back as TV raids their research treasures for its shows:

50:32 - US Troops looted C19th British Massacre Site in 2009:

Dinosaur fossil collectors ‘price museums out of the market’:

Man Sentenced To Prison For Collecting Thousands Of Ancient Artifacts, Destroying Archaeological Sites:

While seizing thousands of artifacts from an Indiana home, FBI makes "staggering" discovery:

Cleethorpes teacher Gordon Taylor's Anglo-Saxon treasures to be sold:

01:09:25 - Karl Marx’s London grave vandalised again, with red paint:


Vandalised bomber command memorial:


Glasgow war memorial vandalised in suspected hammer attack:


9/11 memorial vandalised:

01:22:48 - Lara Croft Tomb Raider:

The Favourite:


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