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Welcome to Watching Brief. A monthly show available via podcast and as topical segments via YouTube. As the name implies, each month my co-host Andy Brockman of the Pipeline (Where history is tomorrow's news) and I cast an eye over news stories, topical media and entertainment and discuss and debate what we find.


Link of the Month:


Revising the definition of treasure in the Treasure Act 1996 and revising the related codes of practice:


Tailored Review of Historic England:




02:33 - Updates Longsands and Oswestry:

09:34 - Story of most murderous people of all time revealed in ancient DNA:


The most violent group of people who ever lived: Horse-riding Yamnaya tribe who used their huge height and muscular build to brutally murder and invade their way across Europe than 4,000 years ago:

31:55 - Norway’s Kon-Tiki museum to return Easter Island artefacts:

Italy to return hundreds of cultural relics back to China:

44:50 - Skara Brae women archaeologists who were written out of history:


Internet Sleuths Were on the Case to Name the Women Archaeologists in These Excavation Photos:


Archaeo-Chat: Sexual Harassment in the Field:

01:00:58 - Glasgow teenager helps uncover gravestones from Middle Ages in archaeology dig at Goan Church:

01:07:13 - Muppet of the Month:

Cadbury treasure hunt ad labelled ‘stupid’ by archaeologists:

Cadbury pulls ad campaign that ‘advocates looting’:


Cadbury Dairy Milk unveils its 'biggest launch of 2019' with Freddo Treasures:

01:26:27 - Media Picks:

River Hunters:

Behind the Curve (2018):


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