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Welcome to Watching Brief. A monthly show available via podcast and as topical segments via YouTube. As the name implies, each month my co-host Andy Brockman of the Pipeline (Where history is tomorrow's news) and I cast an eye over news stories, topical media and entertainment and discuss and debate what we find.


Link of the Month: Susan Oosthuizen Landscape Case study:




01:29 - ‘No compensation’ for Tintagel bridge delays:


Chinese tombs yield earliest evidence of cannabis use:


Long-lost Lewis Chessman found in Edinburgh family's drawer:


Historians hope to find Revolutionary War artifacts at Spuyten Duyvil site:,69125?fbclid=IwAR2HDb8uJM3VU7PH60Fw3VbjHpVrvHj5uEP52Ed08go8iwhLZea-uW95FCU


Severed Head of a Giant 40,000-Year-Old Wolf Discovered in Russia:

40,000-year-old severed wolf's head discovered in Siberia:

24:53 - Museums are dangerous places: How Te Papa is challenging colonialist history:

Should Museums return their colonial artefacts?


Plan to show treasures in Ethiopia is underway - V&A boss Tristram Hunt:

47:08 - Professor Alice Roberts leaves Twitter after facing ‘hate, bile and misogyny’:


Facebook Link:

01:07:09 - Controversial King Tut Statue Has Sketchy Origins. Now Christie's Is Selling it:

Bust of Tutankhamun sold at auction for £4.7m despite Egypt protests:

'Blood Antiquities' Looted from War-Torn Yemen Bring in $1 Million at Auction:

01:22:19 – Muppets of the Month:

Parts of WWII plane dug up in Ireland - nearly 80 years after it crashed:

'Plane-shaped UFO found on Moon in 50-year-old Soviet lunar mission pictures':

Russian fighter jet is used in poster to promote Britain's iconic RAF Red Arrows in 'embarrassing' government blunder:

01:29:38 – Media Picks:

Robert the Bruce actor and SNP MP slam Cineworld over chain's 'ban' on new film:

Alex Salmond urges Cineworld to 'think again' and screen Robert the Bruce epic in Scotland

Cineworld to show Robert the Bruce film in Scotland after campaign:

Cineworld 'offered Robert the Bruce film' but didn't answer:

Robert the Bruce – IMDB:

D-Day Coverage: Remembering the Fallen:

BBC to mark 75 years since D-Day with live commemorative programming:

Iron Cross Magazine:

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