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Welcome to Watching Brief. A monthly show available via podcast and as topical segments via YouTube. As the name implies, each month my co-host Andy Brockman of the Pipeline (Where history is tomorrow's news) and I cast an eye over news stories, topical media and entertainment and discuss and debate what we find.

Link of the Month: Eva Stories:



04:03 – S.O.S. Goodwin Sands (Dredging Archaeology & War Graves):

New Culture Minister – Rebecca Pow:

Iron Age coins one of the largest hoards found in Shropshire:

Coins from Viking hoard which could change history recovered by Durham Police:

20:28 – French Senate says Notre Dame must be ‘Same as Before’ the fire:

Historic England – Emergency Planning and Fire Advice:

Collections Trust – Emergency Planning:

Heritage 2020 #HeritageChat:

Smart Practices – Category 1 Responders Using Social Media in Emergency Management:

35:59 – Unique Iron Age Shield Found by Leicester Archaeologists:

Ultra-rare discovery reveals how ancient Celtic warriors fought – 2,400 years ago:

57:11 – D-Day Rehearsal Wrecks Given Protection:

’Archaeology of D-Day’ Aims to Preserve What the Soldiers Left Behind:

Quotation of the Day:

01:17:16 – Italy’s New Ruins: Heritage Sites Being Lost to Neglect and Looting:

01:30:50 – Hadrian’s Wall ‘being damaged by tourists seeking the perfect selfie’:

Lawyers for Noah’s Ark theme park are suing its insurance company for rain damage:

01:49:37 – Media Picks:


Liffey River Concert – Starboard Home:

Instagram Bringing Story of Holocaust Diary to Life – Eva Stories:

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