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Welcome to Watching Brief. A monthly show available via podcast and as topical segments via YouTube. As the name implies, each month my co-host Andy Brockman of the Pipeline (Where history is tomorrow's news) and I cast an eye over news stories, topical media and entertainment and discuss and debate what we find.

Link of the Month: Pull Tab Archaeology:


02:29 – HS2 Costs Spiral, Review Announced – What Does this Mean for Archaeology?

HS2 to be delayed by up to five years as cost spirals to up to £88bn:

HS2 Railway to be Delayed by up to Five Years:

15:24 – Norwich Cathedral: Helter-Skelter Offers New Experience:

Here’s What You Can See from the Top of Norwich Cathedral’s New Helter Skelter:

23:44 - Ancient DNA and Nationalism, Netanyahu Weighs in:

Israel’s Rabbinical Courts Begin to Recognize DNA Tests, Potentially Opening Gateway to Proving Jewishness:

Netanyahu uses DNA to deny Palestinian Right to Homeland:

Twitter comment:

New Research Challenges the Origin of ‘The Egtved Girl’:

Scotland’s Genetic Landscape Echoes Dark Ages:

40:45 - Volunteers Polish Giant’s Erection By Hand!:

52:04 – The Chew Valley Hoard: Best Practice the Value of Metal Detectorists’ Treasure:

Detectorists Find Huge Chew Valley Norman Coin Hoard:

Thirteen Metal Detectorists Rushed to Hospital after Chocolate Birthday Cake Handed out at Convention is Spiked with Cannabis Oil:

01:04:20 – Muppet of the Month: Daily Mail and Hilda the Neolithic Scottish ‘Druid’ from 1,500 years Ago!?

Incredible reconstruction reveals the face of toothless Iron Age elder 'Hilda the Druid' who died in Neolithic Scotland 1,500 years ago:

Facebook Banter re: Headline:

01:21:08 – Media Picks:

Rise of the Nazis (BBC Two):

Why doesn’t television believe in its audience’s intelligence any more?

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey PC Gameplay Launch Trailer:

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