APN Episode Ad

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APN Episode Ad


Advertise on the Archaeology Podcast Network!

Most of the shows on the APN have over 6,000 monthly listeners. For the right project or service, potentially ALL of the listeners are your customers!

Podcast advertisements should be 30 to 60 seconds in length. Simply send us the bullet points and we’ll make the ad for you.

EVERGREEN. Make sure the ads don’t contain information such as “we’re having a sale this weekend”. Podcasts are evergreen in the sense that people will go back and listen to your ad on an episode years in the future. So, while your initial exposure will be around 6,000 people in the first week or so after an episode is released, the actual numbers are many times that.

We recommend buying AT LEAST 4 episodes on a single show to really gain traction with the audience. Industry statistics show that most people need to hear an ad a few times before they respond to it and we don't want to waste your money.

Choose the number of ads you want to purchase and then let us know what shows you want your ads on. For example, if you want four ads on two different shows you’re buying eight ads.

As soon as you make your purchase we’ll be in touch to get more information, ask about any additional questions, and to let you know when and where your ads will be placed.

Podcast advertising is the way to go!

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