Göbekli Tepe, a conversation with Jens Notroff Episode 30

In this weeks episode, we go for the strangest of the strange and oldest of the old, Göbekli Tepe. This site situated in Southern Turkey near the border with Syria and is argueably the oldest momument building by humans, around  11,000 years old. The oldest 14C date is around 9,700-9,300 calBC.  Not only is the age interesting but the style and extent of the site are something to be behold. Jens Notroff, is a real life Indiana Jones and archaeologist based in Berlin. He has been working on  Göbekli Tepe the last number of years and has seen many amazing pieces evolve from the earth. I chat to him about  Göbekli Tepe and digging so close to Syria. For our German listeners, there is a little treat at the end (I apologise in advance for my terrible German), we talk how to become an archaeologist in Germany and how archaeology is viewed. Grab your Lederhosen, sit back and enjoy this episode of Anarchaeologist. 



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