The Future Is Written; It's the Past that Keeps Changing - Episode 48

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Metal Detectors in Archaeology - Episode 47

Patrick Severts joins the show to talk about metal detecting in archaeology. Some of the highlights include best practices, recommended equipment, and programs and companies offering training. Listen to learn about the contributions this technology has made to archaeology.

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The Tech of Drones - Episode 46

We get all the Chrises (and Matthew Whitten) back together, this time to talk about which particular drones and tech packages work, and lessons learned in deploying drones for archaeological research.

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Lithodomos VR - Episode 45

The Chrises chat with Simon Young, founder and CEO of Lithodomos, a virtual reality company that specializes in preserving culturally significant spaces with archaeology and scientific precision in mind.


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Drones in Archaeology - Episode 44

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We got four Chris's (what are the odds!), and a couple non-Chris's on this one! This panel breaks down some of the details of drones in archaeology we haven't covered before on this show. Dr. Sally Applin's research specifically focuses on the "sociability" of drones in human environments. We tackle the legal, ethical, and social hurdles to effective drone implementation and ultimately question if it's all worth it.

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