We Are The Decay - Episode 46

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Launching what he calls “The Archaeologist’s Manifesto” Tristan is back again (after another hiatus) and will be bringing a propaganda fuelled monthly podcast to your ears. Todays episode focuses on Decay and what that means in modern society – looking at how histories are treated and whether forgetting a history is as bad as damaging it for other ideological reasons. 
Tristan’s views do necessarily reflect the views of the network or his friends

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Music Credit: All music in this episode was created by Danny Boyle
“Corpse Song” and “Alone at bar at 3am” are both copyright to Danny Boyle – contact @OhDannyBoyle for more information.

Jason Lau

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End of Anarchaeologist - Episode 45

Hello Everyone, this has been a long time coming - I have decided to retire for the moment this show. It won't mean the end of my work here at the network, in fact I will be more involved behind the scenes. I have things change in my life which means I don't have the same kind of time to record. 


I will still be on Twitter and be available by email, so don't hesitate to contact me.



Music by D. Boyle

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CIfA2017 #PTAC and a better Way - Episode 44

Tristan is talking nonsense again, from a hole smashed through the wall of a normal timely schedule comes another new format episode including your favourite clips of a fictional dystopia. Topics covered in this episode is politics, being at CIFA, future conferences and perhaps touching on a better way of communicating archaeology.



Sessions recorded at CIFA2017

Thanks to Doug Rocks-MacQueen - @Openaccessarch

We strive to achieve standards – to be do better archaeology.

The “manel” and the CIFA response and E&D Group response

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You Can Do it - Episode 43 - Anarchaeologist

Today’s episode trials a new format of the Anarchaeologist podcast, now on a monthly release schedule (adhering to anything wouldn't be very anarchistic would it?).  Tristan talks about getting involved with projects and taking part in the world, and more importantly why everyone should feel at least they have some chance to do something worthwhile. A special recording is provided by Dr. Chloe Duckworth a.k.a. ArchaeoDuck. And for the first time on the network we hear from the 5YR Leader and his opinions on archaeology.



Archaeoduck – YoutubeTweeter

Anarchaeologist – Tweeter


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I Vouch For Poucher - Episode 42

Back in January, I spoke to the wonderful Cath Poucher, who runs the CPD Hertiage Blog and is part of the CIfA Equality and Diversity committee. In this conversation we discuss Stonehenge, Archaeological Twitter, being visible online and what its like to leave archaeology as a career.

 Recorded in a 'dungeon' In the Bodleian Library







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We Will Be the Decay - Episode 41

Today's episode is an attempt to take on the #Archmanifesto "The Archaeologist's Manifesto" - a political slice of archaeology. In this episode, Tristan talks the new Stonehenge tunnel, why the past is important and why the discussion about what we support in history through the allocation of resources. Shout out to Evelyn on twitter who answered the hashtag #archmedia (@dingledodie77) 

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Science, Certification and Chris Webster - Episode 37

Joining together in an all too rare occurrence, Tristan and Chris tackle the use of science in CRM archaeology. Since both podcasters arrived to archaeology from science based backgrounds, it was important to establish how that may have influenced how Chris views his field projects and how this became an inspiration for the Professional Certification for Scientists, a new learning website dedicated to bringing knowledge and credibility to those who work in the field or in the lab.



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The world has gone mad! At once decrying the death of heritage in the middle east by terrorist hands and then squeezing in the end of archaeology in the uk as we know it. I, the anarchaeologist, will topple the tyrannical narrative and try show the other side of the argument and why archaeologists over the uk are worried.



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Palmyra Must Fall - Episode 35

"The Echoes of the Past speak louder than any voice I hear right now" - Farewell Mona Lisa, The Dillinger Escape Plan

Words that have much meaning in today's iconophilic traditionalist society where the comical giants of politics saunter around proclaiming that simplybuilding 3D scanned monuments will somehow undo the damage done. Well don't hold out for any sympathies, because what the Palmyra reconstruction shows is that monumental heritage is more important than people.

If there are unjustices and debate in the public sphere concerning the past then let us as archaeologists not shy away, let us challenge the status quo, let's bring humanity back into the centre of archaeology.

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He's not Dead, he was only busy - Anarchaeologist - Episode 34

Guess who’s back with a brand new track, Tristan opens his first line of attack; pointing out his inability to hold to his own schedule. In this episode the Anarchaeologists meanders through the last few months including talking about the Hidden Heritage Conference in Dorchester and the CIfA conference in Leicester, mentioning people he’s met and things he has picked up. Sorry about the delay in releases, I will catch up very quickly, there is a lot of people on my pod list right now.



Scarf http://www.scottishheritagehub.com/

ADS http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/

Internet Archaeology http://intarch.ac.uk/


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Enabled Archaeology – Theresa O’Mahony – Episode 33

Today’s episode takes a look at the unknown world of archaeology as experienced by people with disabilities and some of the barriers they face when it comes to working and learning in the archaeological and historical sector. I speak with Theresa O’Mahony of Enabled Archaeology, a post-graduate student at University College London, who has used her own experiences to motivate herself to research how those with disabilities are treated. In this episode she discuss some of her preliminary findings and shares some sad and shocking stories she has heard from those she has interviewed for her research. Theresa is looking to set up a foundation to support those she calls Enabled Archaeologists, this term applying to both disabled/enabled and able-bodied people.



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QUB a Dub Dub 2 - David Bell and Jill Almond

David Bell and I sit down to talk theory, being a mature student and most importantly of all, swords. We meander through the physical parts of archaeology and how an engineer became an archaeologist studying swords. And of course David explains the difference between a knife, a halberd and a rapier.


Jill Almond is studying architecture in asylums in both Ireland and Scotland and compairing the uses of space to create different environment. We discuss what archaeology is and the wide variety of archaeologists that exist within the research environment.







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QUB a Dub Dub - Belfast University Archaeologists

You could say I am in my element with this weeks show; part one of 2 of the wonderful conversations that I had with the wonderful people from Queen's University Belfast Geography Archaeology Paleoecology Group. 







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Göbekli Tepe, a conversation with Jens Notroff Episode 30

In this weeks episode, we go for the strangest of the strange and oldest of the old, Göbekli Tepe. This site situated in Southern Turkey near the border with Syria and is argueably the oldest momument building by humans, around  11,000 years old. The oldest 14C date is around 9,700-9,300 calBC.  Not only is the age interesting but the style and extent of the site are something to be behold. Jens Notroff, is a real life Indiana Jones and archaeologist based in Berlin. He has been working on  Göbekli Tepe the last number of years and has seen many amazing pieces evolve from the earth. I chat to him about  Göbekli Tepe and digging so close to Syria. For our German listeners, there is a little treat at the end (I apologise in advance for my terrible German), we talk how to become an archaeologist in Germany and how archaeology is viewed. Grab your Lederhosen, sit back and enjoy this episode of Anarchaeologist. 



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Anarchaeologist Speaks: Used History and Lead Objects - Episode 28

Today Tristan takes on the news in his usual rambling tones. The topics covered are from a number of different sources (listed below); with many modern discussions using history in hyperbolic ways to justify action and inaction, its time to step back and see how the past is used.

Recently a lead object was found in Israel, possibly suggesting very early metal work.



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