Episode 10 : A very Archaeological Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! So today is a very special episode - I took a very traditional Christmas poem and have put my own twist on it. I hope you enjoy and share it with your friends and colleagues.

I also look back across my episodes and why I have even made this podcast. I also look forwards to new year and what shows I want to get made.



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Episode 9 : Oral Histories - The Archaeologists Who Built London

In todays episode I speak to the wonderful Gabe Moshenska as he describes his latest project, the Archaeologists who built London. This is no ordinary project, this is an oral history of the archaeologists who dug in London after the bombing of the second world war and uncovered the rich history of the capital city. You will find a link below to the project page which is being crowdsourced via Micropasts and the video for the project features Gabe's very own artistic talent. We also manage to talk about archaeology in the public sphere, (unfortunately Mr. Moshenska has a soft spot for Indiana Jones) and why we should have more women in archaeological media. 

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Episode 8 : Swapping Trowels for Controllers - Archaeology and Videogames Part 2

The adventure begins once again! The mystery and adventure of archaeology lends itself easily to gamification, that is, general ideas about archaeology make for fun games; however can we learn something more from this interaction?  Is there a future in this area?  Here at the Anarchaeologist podcast, we would like to think so; this episode is following up on theme explored in our debut show with Andrew Reinhard. Although this time the reins are taken by Tara Coppelstone, who is doing her PhD at the University of York on Archaeology and Videogames.

 In this episode Tara explains the connections between these apparent distant worlds and demonstrates that link by showing telling us about the various archaeological games she has made. We talk about representation and how the past has to be carefully handled. The future of information is heading ever more digital, can we as archaeologists keep up and adapt?


Tara's Blog


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Episode 7 : Cornelius Holtorf and The Temple of Public Archaeology

This episode is in an interesting look into the balance between allowing people to talk about the past in their own terms and how academics can respond in meaningful ways. How can we decide on what the past is and also what it means? How should we deal with non-standard views of the past while maintaining our integrerity. Many archaeologists bemoan the way in  which the past is sensationalised for newspapers but could this be a blessing in disguise?

Proffessor Holtorf's book - "Archaeology as a Brand" has been praised and critiqued by people all over the world; make up your mind by listening to what he has to say. He certainly changed my opinion on things, will he change yours as well?

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Episode 6: Archaeologists Under Fire/ Saving Mes Aynak

Today’s episode is a little different to others; I speak to Brent Huffman, a filmmaker with a passion for a site in Afghanistan Mes Aynak is under threat from a Chinese mining company who wish to perform open cast mining on the site to acquire the copper ore underneath. In this episode, Brent describes his motivation for travelling in a very dangerous part of Afghanistan and what he saw on site; I ask him about how his opinion of archaeology has changed over the course of filming and he describes his frustration with the politics of the site preventing meaningful salvage of the history. Some of the things talked about are very difficult to hear and I want to put a slight disclaimer for listeners to be aware of some of the occupational dangers of working in this part of the world.

The film is premiering at the International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam  and if you want more information head on over to the Saving Mes Aynak website





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Episode 5 : Anarchism and Archaeology

Today I speak to Ed Gonzalez-Tennant about Anarchism and Archaeology, archaeology in the American south and how to apply these kind of ideas to methodology. Although Anarchism conjures up many different reactions, serious discussion of it has been lacking in academic circles. We explore what anarchism means, why some warn its a death wish to write about and how to topple the hierarchies of knowledge and history to provide a level field for everyone. If community archaeology interests you, this episode is for you. Also I completely lost it at one point so be prepared. I hope you enjoy listening to Ed as much as I did.



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Episode 4 : Open Access Archaeology

In todays episode I have a conversation with Doug who runs the website open access archaeology. In addition to this website which has lots of handy links, he runs a twitter account @OpenAccessArch which  tweets out links to thousands of open access articles to read to your hearts content. OpenAccess has been causing a stir in academic circles but now more than ever, the paywall between the public and papers is being slowly dismantled.

If you want to know more about open access listen to todays episode or head over to Open Access Archaeology



Intro Music is Something Right and Something Real by In An Instant

Outro Music is performed by The Smokin Diamonds

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Episode 3 : Community Archaeology

On today's podcast I talk to Harriet and Dr Lorna Richardson about community archaeology; we discuss what it means in theory and in practise as well as responding to the phrase "archaeology is community archaeology or it is nothing".

How can community archaeology bring people together? What does it mean to people? These questions and many are discussed in this downloadable podcast.


Tune in every fortnight and don't forget to find us on iTunes as well


Lorna Richardson


Twitter @lornarichardson

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Episode 2 : Archaeology And New Media

Today’s episode is in two parts; first I talk to Tom Goskar who is the creator of the original Archaeocast and what it was like first podcasting back in 2004, what the future holds and he ends up quizzing me at certain points. The second guest is Mr. Soup, creator of the ArchaeoSoup Channel on Youtube; we get angry at people talking about Stonehenge and talk about the future of archaeology.



Tom Goskar : Website

Archaeosoup : Youtube Channel ; Website 

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Episode 1 : Archaeology and Videogames

Welcome to the Anarchaeologist Podcast - In today's episode we take the first tentative steps into the world of Archaeology and videogames. My guest is Andrew Reinhard, self proclamined "Punk Archaeologist", publisher and runs the Archaeogaming blog.


We discuss archaeology's representation in videogames, archaeology in Skyrim and World of Warcraft and the future of archaeology in the gaming industry!


Feel free to comment or if you have feedback email admin@anarchaeologist.co.uk


Thanks to In An Instant for use of their music - which you can check out at http://inaninstant.bandcamp.com/

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