Episode 8 : Swapping Trowels for Controllers - Archaeology and Videogames Part 2

The adventure begins once again! The mystery and adventure of archaeology lends itself easily to gamification, that is, general ideas about archaeology make for fun games; however can we learn something more from this interaction?  Is there a future in this area?  Here at the Anarchaeologist podcast, we would like to think so; this episode is following up on theme explored in our debut show with Andrew Reinhard. Although this time the reins are taken by Tara Coppelstone, who is doing her PhD at the University of York on Archaeology and Videogames.

 In this episode Tara explains the connections between these apparent distant worlds and demonstrates that link by showing telling us about the various archaeological games she has made. We talk about representation and how the past has to be carefully handled. The future of information is heading ever more digital, can we as archaeologists keep up and adapt?


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