I Agree with Graham Hancock!? -Modern Myth Moment - I

Ok, before you type your strongly worded tweet or you decide to #cancel me please give me a moment to explain. As has been highlighted recently, archaeology has a problem with impact with getting the information out there. Perhaps there’s nothing wrong with the food, its just the service isn’t what you want.

With his new book released graham hancock appeared on the Joe Rogan show and obviously talked at length about his book, he made some salient points and importantly he tied himself to those ideas and that’s where I think we can learn something about outreach.

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Episode 2 : The Modern Myth of Nuclear Power with Martin Pfeiffer

Quick, Marty, we gotta save the world! From what!? From nuclear annihilation.

Perhaps not so grand, but in this Modern Myth episode we get to grips with the ideas behind nuclear weapons and the boogeyman of radiation, Martin Pfeiffer is a PhD student researching nuclear anthropology and loves going into musems to #LickTheBomb, (he tells us how their casings taste) and what it means to be an activist for denuclearisation of the modern world.


Carol Cohn - “Sex and Death in the World of Defense Intellectuals.”


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Episode 1 : The Modern Myth of Brexit with Kenny Brophy

Brexit, it's a word we hear all too often, no doubt we are fatigued by it. But in the cusp of its realization perhaps we should look how we got here. What helped create the narrative and  what information was drawn upon in order to make it seem that leaving the EU was the decision to vote for, at least for three majority of people.

I speak to Kenny Brophy from the University of Glasgow about his paper Brexit And Prehistory about the ways in which narratives were created and how people use symbols of the past to create their own narratives, and in some cases their own cairns.

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The Brexit Hypothesis and Prehistory - Kenny Brophy

Response to ‘Brexit, Archaeology and Heritage: Reflections and Agendas’ - Lorna Richardson & Thomas Booth



Music - Danny Boyle

Modern Myth

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