Peter Wigand and Climate Change, Erosion, and Impacts to People - Episode 39

For today's show, Chris Webster went to the University of Nevada, Reno, to talk to Dr. Peter Wigand about his work. Dr. Wigand models soil erosion and climate change in areas around the world and uses that information to determine the human impact on the land and on climate. He also uses that information to forecast future impacts to humans and the world.


From Peter: "The city on the top of the hill, Irsina, is over 2,500 years old…at one time it was the regional capital of the Byzantine Empire, that is, until they were defeated just north of here in about 1170. I am standing next to the 8,400-year old soil. The lines on the upper photo trace a Glacial maximum channel that was cut when sea level was lower. The volcanic ashes are from Mt Vesuvius and date to about 3,800 and 2,800 years ago."

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