SAA Live Podcast Forum

APN presents the live podcast forum from the 82nd Annual Meeting of Society for American Archaeology. The APN hosts in attendance for the discussion included Michael Ashley, Jeb Card, Ken Feder, Kirsten Lopez, Chris Sims, Stephen Wagner, and Chris Webster. The audience also joins the panel for this first-of-its-kind session at the SAA.

The forum covered the growth of the APN, the variety of programs on the network, and the education and outreach paradigms developed through the medium of podcasting. Use the APN website's search tool from the main page to find other shows from "SAA2017" - roughly a dozen hours of programming were recorded from the exhibition hall!


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The Harris Matrix w/ Edward Harris Himself - Episode 13

Chris Webster sits down with Edward Harris and Cinzia Perlingieri at SAA2017 to talk about the Harris Matrix - a stratigraphic model that allows archaeologists to see time on archaeological sites. It is based upon the unravelling of the stratification of the site, its surfaces and strata, to compile the stratigraphic sequence of a site; the essential task of the excavating archaeologist. Listen to this illuminating episode for more!

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Jamestown w/ David Givens - Episode 11

On today's episode Chris and April talk to Senior Staff Archaeologist at Jamestown Rediscovery, David Givens. David talks about the history of Jamestown, the archaeology, and where they're going from here.



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Archaeology of Climate Change - Episode 10

Dr. Colleen Strawhacker, an archaeologist with the interdisciplinary research group, the National Snow and Ice Data Center, joins the podcast to talk about the archaeology of climate change. Strawhacker works closely with indigenous groups in the Arctic to study resilience and failure in the wake of drastic environmental change.


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