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New York in 1911 and Learning from History - Episode 43

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Chris saw a video several months ago that really challenged his preconceived notions of what the past was like. That video was a promotional video about New York City shot in 1911. There is no commentary, it's not scripted, and it just looks like cut-together scenes of life in the big city in that year. It's fascinating. April and Chris spend most of the show talking about that video, what it means, and what we can learn from it. They also talk about the rephotography movement and other representations of the past.


Museum of Modern art's 1911 footage. Posted to share with others because of it's rarity and how interersting it is. Source: http://tinyurl.com/yd3tu938 I do not claim ownership of this, and I will not be making money from this video.

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