Lee Eales - Tasting the Past: Unearthing the Chemistry of Medieval Beer - Episode 19

Archaeology and Ale is a monthly series of talks presented by Archaeology in the City, part of the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department’s outreach programme.

Archaeology and Ale proudly presents - Lee Eales, and his talk “Tasting the past: Unearthing the Chemistry of Medieval Beer”. This talk took place on Thursday 12th January upstairs at the Red Deer pub in Sheffield.

Lee Eales received a B.A. degree in classical archaeology from the University of Sheffield. He began a career as a commercial field archaeologist with Trent and Peak archaeological unit. After gaining experience with a number of commercial units both in the United Kingdom and Europe he took up a post as a supervisor to undergraduate students in the Archaeology Degree program at Sheffield, specializing in medieval archaeology. In June 2014 he took up a position as a postgraduate research assistant in analytical chemistry, also at the University of Sheffield, specializing in chemical residue analysis of medieval pottery. In particular he uses matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry imaging (MALDI-MSi) to profile the residue of organic materials captured both on and in the fabric of ceramics dating to the medieval period. He is currently a Ph.D. candidate on a project titled “The Sensory Archaeology of Medieval Brewing, Its Ingredients and Technology. (from http://www.worldbrewingcongress.org/congress/Abstracts/Pages/063.aspx )

An academic version of this talk was presented by Lee Eales, Duncan Cameron and Robert Falconer at the World Brewing Congress in August 2016, in Denver, Colorado. The abstract is available here: http://www.worldbrewingcongress.org/congress/Abstracts/Pages/063.aspx 

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