Toby Kendall of the YAT - Episode 2

Hello, welcome to this month's Show Notes for the Archaeology and Ale Podcast.

This month we have a short interview with Toby Kendall of the York Archaeological Trust (YAT). We couldn't record his whole talk, “Hungate: What Next?” because most of it was awaiting publication in an upcoming monograph from the Trust. However Toby let me catch him for a brief interview to introduce the Trust, their training excavation programme called Archaeology Live, and to give a rundown of the last 15 years of digging at the Hungate site in York as well as what they plan to do next.

If you are interested in learning more about YAT or joining in with Archaeology Live, visit their website at to find out more.

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If the questions I asked Toby sounded familiar, it's because they're inspired by the Profiles in CRM podcast also on the Archaeology Podcast Network. Do check it out, and the other great shows on the Network, as they're all well worth a listen.

Thanks for listening – we'll be back next month!

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