Woodland Heritage Festival - Issue 5 - AudioTrail

Welcome to the final Woodland Heritage Festival episode – this is a bit more experimental, an audiotrail around the festival. 

Background information on the J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre is provided by volunteer Wes Hedge; there are snippets of some of the talks and activities going on around the site during the day. 

Listen out for the sounds of copper hammering, Q-pit fire management, post-medieval music, iron-blooming (mattocking clay to build the furnace), pottery decoration (surprisingly noisy!) and our PhD candidates speaking with members of the public, as well as the sounds of birds, dogs, children and other visitors during the day.

(Apologies for the spotty sound quality! I hope this gives you a feel of how busy and varied the Festival was.) 

To learn more about visiting, volunteering or training at the J G Graves Woodland Discovery Centre, visit the website: http://www.ecclesallwoodscraftcourses.co.uk/

After this we’ll be returning you to your regularly scheduling programming of the monthly Archaeology and Ale talks, recorded live upstairs at the Red Deer pub in Sheffield. 

If you’d like to know more about the Archaeology in the City Programme or the regular monthly Archaeology and Ale talks, visit our website; you can follow the link from the Archaeology Podcast Network page, or come and find us on facebook under Archaeology in the City. 

Thanks again to the Archaeology Podcast Network for having us.

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