0028 - CAA2016 - Laura Roskowski

Bridging the Gap between Cultural Resources Management and Academia: A Consultant In Residence’s Perspective

Roskowski-Nuttall, Laura

University of Calgary, and Stantec

Archaeology as a discipline was initially conducted by academics who investigated only the most significant sites. Over time, government bodies recognized the heritage value of archaeological sites to their citizens, and began requiring industry to conduct archaeological assessments to mitigate impacts to known sites and to identify new sites of varying significance. Thus, the need for the archaeological consultant was born. More recently, Traditional Land Use sites have also received protection and a rise in Traditional Knowledge studies has logically followed. As the disciplines of archaeology and Traditional Knowledge become increasingly regulated by local governments, they have grown away from their academic roots, leaving students without much guidance in the consulting careers offered by Cultural Resources Management. Today there is a growing trend in Canada to reacquaint academia and consulting. This talk will present the successful results of the University of Calgary’s first steps toward bridging this gap.

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