0025 - HHC2016 - David Connelly

A field and buildings archaeologist for the past 30 years he has worked in a variety of positions and locations from Scotland to Iraq and Germany to Turkmenistan. He works closely with metal detecting groups, the Portable Antiquities Scheme and other interested groups to ensure wider cooperation within the field of public and accessible archaeology. He is an advocated for training in practical skills for both professional archaeologists and volunteers in order to chart progress and open the professiona to a wide range of people. His recent success of the BAJR Archaeology skills passport is to be followed by the careers passport. Mr Connolly is co-editor of the volunteer journal Past Horizons, founder and director of the British Archaeological Jobs and Resources website which advertises and advises on archaeological placement and salary structures. He also runs Connolly Heritage Consultancy carrying out fieldwork along with co-directing the Rampart Scotland field Training School in East Lothian and Aberdeenshire. He is an advocate of open discussion and runs the large facebook group for British Archaeology which supports all that are interested in UK archaeology –commercial, academic, research and public.

I started what was to become my archaeological career in 1983, when I was taken on as a ‘digger’ on a Manpower Services Commision scheme in Cumbria. This was followed by another MSC scheme in Trafford, and work on the circuit. It was clear that if I wished to continue in archaeology I would need a degree. I did not want to go back to school and I was fortunate that Prof. Arnold Aspinall let me into Bradford on the strength of a five minute chat in a corridor. The Department of Archaeological Sciences was and still is an excellent place to study archaeology. I was then awarded a NERC studentship at the University of Edinburgh for my PhD where Ian Ralston and Geraint Coles were my supervisors.

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0016 - HHC2016 - Dr. Miles Russel

 “FINDING NERO – using 3D laser scanning to identify Roman emperors”

A senior lecturer in prehistoric and Roman archaeology at Bournemouth University and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries (London). He has worked as a field officer and project manager for the UCL Field Archaeology Unit, the Oxford Archaeological Unit and Bournemouth Archaeology on sites across Southern England, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Germany, Sicily and Russia. He is co-director of Bournemouth University’s Archaeological Field School and also the Durotriges Project and REGNVM, investigating the transition from the Iron Age to Roman period in SW and SE Britain, the Imperial Image Database, investigating Roman portraiture and the Chalkland Prehistoric Project, examining the Neolithic monumental architecture of the South Downs, Southern England.

Miles is a regular contributor to television and radio, his most recent appearances being in Time Team, Timewatch, The Seven Ages of Britain, A History of Ancient Britain, Digging for Britain, Secrets from the Sky and Underground Britain.

He is the author of fourteen books, including The Piltdown Man Hoax:Case Closed, UnRoman BritainExposing the Great Myth of Britannia(with Stuart Laycock), Bloodline: the Celtic Kings of Roman Britain,Monuments of the British Neolithic: the Roots of Architecture and Flint Mines in Neolithic Britain and numerous other papers and journal articles.

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