0012 - HHC2016 - Alison James/Angela Middleton

Alison James has been a maritime archaeologist at Historic England for seven years with responsibility for the protected wreck sites. Previously she worked at Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology and the NAS.

Angela Middleton holds a degree in archaeological conservation from the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and an MSc in Maritime Conservation Science from the University of Portsmouth.

She has worked for the Newport Medieval Ship Project and the Michael Faraday Museum of the Royal Institution before joining Historic England as an Archaeological Conservator in 2007. Here she is responsible to advise on and undertake research and investigative conservation on material retrieved from land and marine sites. She has a special interest in the conservation of waterlogged organic materials

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0023 - HHC2016 - Dave Parham

Dave  is an experienced archaeologist and diver / diving supervisor who has directed maritime archaeological projects that range in date from the Bronze Age to the Second World War and in scope from strategic studies to extensive field investigations. He has worked extensively throughout the British Isles as well as the Baltic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea. His research interests focus on the archaeology of seafaring and ship construction of all periods but can extend into underwater cultural heritage management on occasions.

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