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0044 - GBAC 2016 - Annie Hershey - NVCRIS

HERSHEY, ANASTASIA (NEVADA SHPO) New Developments in the Nevada Cultural Resources Information System

The Nevada State Historic Preservation Office (NVSHPO) is announcing a new mapping service as part of the Nevada Cultural Resource Information System (NVCRIS). As such, there will be two online mapping tools available under NVCRIS – a Restricted and an Unrestricted service. In this session, the new Unrestricted service will be demonstrated. This new service has all the same features and capabilities as the Restricted site. However, the Unrestricted site does not contain data that is protected by National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA § 307103 [formally section 304]) or the Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA §470hh). This Unrestricted site is available to those entities who have preservation responsibilities under NHPA but may not have a Secretary of Interior qualified archaeologist on staff. This presentation will not cover the Restricted NVCRIS site. If you have questions about the Restricted site, NVSHPO will have a booth in the Vendor’s Area throughout the conference. 

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0042 - GBAC 2016 - David Yoder - New Utah Site Form

35th Great Basin Anthropological Conference, Reno, Nevada, Oct. 6 - Oct. 8

YODER, DAVID (UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY) IMACS and Site Recording in Utah: A Retrospective of Trying to Change an Entrenched System

Four years ago I set out to bring together interested parties to update or replace the Intermountain Antiquities Computer System (IMACS) for recording archaeological sites in Utah. After 30+ years of using the same form, I believed (and still do) that updating the system would make management of our cultural resources more efficient and effective. But I also believed it would be a relatively straightforward process. I was wrong. In this presentation I discuss the four-year effort, lessons learned, explain why we have the system we do, and what site recording in Utah will look like in the years to come. 

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