059 - CIFA2018 - Dr. Chrys Harris

Dr. Chrys Harris talks to me about her company Magnitude Surveys, outlining the different techniques they provide to business. She explains Electromagnetic surveys as well as telling me about the archaeology in and around Bradford where Magnitude Surveys is based.


This was recorded at CIFA Brighton 2018 conference

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0024 - NAA2016 - Webster - Future of Field Survey

This is the paper presented by Chris Webster at the Nevada Archaeological Association conference in Ely, Nevada on April 22, 2016. Here is the abstract:

In 2015, DIGTECH surveyed 45,000 acres in desert and "Great Basin" like environments. We used Apple iPad Minis to record over 250 prehistoric and historic sites and over 1500 isolated finds. We had field technicians using California DPR forms that we created for $9 software from the Apple Appstore. Now, we're helping to re-invent the first phase of digital archaeology and will bring ALL phases of archaeology and beyond into the forefront of field data collection and management.

Special thanks to Michael Ashley for joining up my audio and my slides!

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