Diné Public, Fire, and Indigenous Archaeology - Episode 3

In this episode, we talk to Diné (Navajo) archaeologist, Jason Nez. He talks about being Diné and an archaeologist, challenges he faces as a Native American archaeologist, and how the way archaeology is presented (aliens!) can either empower or belittle tribes. He talks about his work educating both Diné youth and the general public about archaeology and Native American perspectives and why that is important. Finally, he highlights his experiences across the country as a fire archaeologist, including what that looks like, looting concerns, and learning from other tribes about their different cultural resources.


Jessica Yaquinto jessica@livingheritageanthropology.org; Twitter (@livingheritageA

A Hopi perspective on Diversity in Anthropology and Grand Canyon- Episode 2

This episode is part two of the Grand Canyon National Park miniseries. Today we interview Heritage Voices co-host Lyle Balenquah, Hopi archaeologist, ethnographer, educator, advocate, and river guide extraordinaire about his background, diversity in Anthropology, and Hopi connections to the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon topics include the proposed Greater Grand Canyon National Monument, the Desert View Watchtower project, river running, and diversity in interpretation.



Email: jessica@livingheritageanthropology.org
Twitter: @livingheritageA
Email: Lyle.Balenquah@gmail.com
Twitter: @LyleBalenquah

Grand Canyon Tribal Program - Janet Cohen - Episode 1

This is part one of a mini-series on Grand Canyon National Park. Today we have Grand Canyon National Park’s Tribal Program Manager Janet Cohen on the podcast. We talk about Grand Canyon’s Inter-tribal Coalition, the Desert View Watchtower project, interpretation, and working with Zuni to address concerns related to fish management. Outside of Grand Canyon, we also talk about developing the NAGPRA program on the Navajo Nation in the early 90s and working with Alaska tribes to look impacts from the Exxon-Valdez oil spill.

Introducing Heritage Voices - Episode 0

This episode introduces the podcast, why it was created, and what you can expect. Co-host Lyle Balenquah, Hopi Archaeologist and educator, interviews host Jessica Yaquinto about her work as an ethnographer and in tribal consultation. Topics include mediating between tribes, community based participatory research, tribes' perspectives of anthropology, and the proposed Bears Ears National Monument, etc.

NOTE: This interview was recorded before the designation of Bears Ears National Monument!