Cache of the Day - Dirt Pod 57

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This week, Anna and Amber take their inspiration from an archaeological news story and dive into some hidden treasures!



Archaeological Adventures with the National Trust with Rosalind Buck - Arch and Ale 25

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Archaeology and Ale is a monthly series of talks presented by Archaeology in the City, part of the University of Sheffield Archaeology Department’s outreach programme.

This month Archaeology and Ale proudly present:

Rosalind Buck on “Archaeological Adventures with the National Trust”

Rosalind Buck has made a career out of her adventures in archaeology! In this episode, Rosalind teaches us about how archaeologists are helping the National Trust to look after their properties in the East Midlands.

For more information about Archaeology in the City’s events and opportunities to get involved, please email archaeologyinthecity@sheffield.ac.uk or visit our website at archinthecity.wordpress.com.

You can also find us on Twitter (@archinthecity), Instagram (@archaeointhecity), or Facebook (@archinthecity)

Content Warning: Listener discretion is advised, as there is adult language. Thank you.

Them There Hills: Mounds and the Myth of the Moundbuilders - The Dirt 56

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It’s all about mounds and moundbuilders on this week’s episode with Anna and Amber.


Troy Story: Heinrich Schliemann and the Power of Lying - Dirt 55

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This week, we play some of the Classics: a look at Troy, the Trojan War, and its discovery. Enter Heinrich Schliemann, the archaeologist (nope) who excavated the site of Hisarlik, in present-day Turkey, found evidence of the end of the Iliad (nope), went on to excavate other Homeric heroes (again, nope), and completely changed the game for public interest in archaeological research and the possibility that Homer was based on historical events (actually, this one is true). Come for Amber attempting to recite the Aeneid, stay for Anna throwing books in disgust.


An Arctic Expedition - Dirt 54

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Amber's too cold, Anna's too hot, and we've both lost our dang minds! In an effort to think about something other than the summer heat, this week we're offering you a sampler platter of some of the amazing archaeology from the Arctic regions up north! Learn how people got to the Arctic, what some of them did when they got there, and what's happening to Arctic sites now in light of global warming. Also hyenas. Refreshing!

Repatriation as Foreign Policy - Modern Myth Moment

Another Modern Myth Moment, the bitesize version of the Modern Myth Show. 
Repatriation isn't just a feelgood measure, it has many effects and needs to be discussed far more in society, Inspired by a heated debate on Twitter, Tristan outlines his views on repatriation and why it links to foreign policy. 


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Music - Danny Boyle

Modern Myth

Alone at a Bar at 3am

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Archworld I : Virtualisation for the Masses - Anarchaeologist - Episode 49

Bring yourself online..... 

The HBO drama Westworld has entered its second season, dealing with a robot revolt and what it means to be Artificial Intelligence and by extension, human. All against a backdrop of America's favourite cultural setting, the Wild West. Tristan uses Westworld to introduce his multi episode series on virtual archaeology and the importance of thinking about representation of archaeology; do we want a fun and engaging history that allows people to explore or should we let people "peek behind the curtain" in order to be more honest.


Music - Danny Boyle

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Alone at a Bar at 3am




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Live Panel on Bears Ears National Monument - Heritage Voices 15

On March 3rd, 2018 Lyle hosted a live panel on Bears Ears National Monument with indigenous activists at Friends of Cedar Mesa’s annual Celebrate Cedar Mesa event. In addition to Lyle himself, the panel also featured Regina Lopez-Whiteskunk (former co-chair of the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition and Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Councilwoman and current Education Coordinator for the Ute Indian Museum), Ed Kabotie (Hopi/Tewa artist, musician, and activist) and Angelo Baca (Diné/Hopi, Filmmaker and Cultural Resources Coordinator for Utah Diné Bikeyah). The four talk about their experiences with Bears Ears National Monument, but also use the topic to discuss larger issues, including tribal sovereignty, indigenous and Western science collaborations, boarding schools, and how we can all be better activists. Their heartfelt words led to a standing ovation and an encore. Thank you again to Friends of Cedar Mesa and to all the panelists.

The time of the Indian expert is over. It’s time for expert Indians.
— Angelo Baca - Utah Dine Bikeyah

History of Badass Women in Archaeology Pt II - WIA 46

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On this episode, the hosts return to one of their favorite topics - the amazing women who have helped make archaeology the field it is. We'll talk about some of our personal heroes, women who definitely don't get enough credit, and how archaeological drawing is super hard and becoming somewhat of a lost art.