The Ravens by James Dyer - Episode 5

The Ravens is a children's book about the first Roman invasion in 55 B.C. set around Hertfordshire and particularly the hillfort now known as Ravensburgh Castle. It was written by the excavator himself, James Dyer, who was also a schoolteacher. My guest, Francis Pryor, dug with the late James Dyer on this very site and joins me to share his memories of this early dig and his subsequent experience of digging up roundhouses, among other things.



Kim Biddulph: @kimbiddulph and @schprehistory

Francis Pryor on Twitter: @pryorfrancis

Music provided by Nigel Shaw. The track is "Yew" from Dartmoor Roundhouse by Seventh Wave Music at

Kim Biddulph Director, Schools Prehistory,

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