Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver - Episode 2

My guests are Matt Ritchie, Forestry Commission Scotland's archaeologist, Donald Henson, studying for a PhD in Public Perceptions of the Mesolithic at York University, and James Dilley of Ancient Craft and about to embark on a PhD as well. matt quickly disabuses me of the notion that Wolf Brother is set in the Scottish Mesolithic (which is the only reason I had him on in the first place) and then we chat about the wondrous period of hunter-gatherers, wildwoods, and magic in the forest.

Book Details

  • Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver, published in 2005 by Orion Books.
  • Mezolith by Ben Haggarty, published in 2010 by Random House.

Guest Contact Details

  • Donald Henson:
  • James Dilley: Twitter - @ancientcraftUK
  • Matthew Ritchie:

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